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Wild Thang Boudoir

Whether you're doing this session for a partner or for yourself, I promise you that you will leave feeling SO empowered, beautiful and with a huge smile on your face. You will leave loving every curve, every extra inch, every wiggle and jiggle of your body because at Wild Thang Boudoir, we LOVE OURSELVES. At the end of the day, that's really what it's all about.

I want to celebrate beeeaaautiful you!


My boudoir sessions are all inclusive so it’s one less thing you have to worry about! I take care of everything starting with styling tips and what to expect, access to my client closet full of lingerie, professional hair and makeup all the way to posing on the day of. All you have to do is sit back, relax and get glammed up for the day!

Session fees begin at $500


I have 6 years of experience in boudoir specifically, multiple repeat clients every year and dozens of new ones! But don't just take my word for it - 

Client Testimonials

"I moved to the South Shore from Cambridge in August, and I couldn't even tell you how or why exactly I joined her Facebook group. I'd become intrigued by boudoir photo shoots after a friend had done one earlier in the year but definitely wasn't sure I'd ever take the plunge myself! But I'm so glad I did, both in joining her wonderful group and in doing a boudoir shoot.

I actually decided to say "screw it" and emailed Lina when she opened up the Christmas shoot. I figured "why not"? I was a couple months away from turning 40, just went through some major life events (bought a house, left my job of 4.5 years) and wanted to do something that was 100% for me. I also wanted to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. I'm a huge extrovert but definitely wouldn't say I'm the most comfortable with my body.

The shoot was a month or so before my 40th birthday on a chilly December day. I wasn't really sure at all what I wanted make up, hair, or wardrobe wise. But Lina and her HMUA Lauren got to know me in a short time and listened to what I was able to articulate, and I couldn't be more pleased at how the photos turned out but more importantly how much fun I had during the shoot.

Like a lot of things in life, I don't think there's ever going to be the "perfect time" for something like this -- so I'm glad I didn't let my insecurities or "maybe later" thoughts overcome my interest in giving a boudoir photo shoot a try!

And I'm thinking I might just have to make it a yearly treat to myself!"

- Miss S

"From the time I turned 18 I had thought about doing some boudoir photos, but was too chicken. I thought it was some stupid thing that would disappear after a few months… well it didn’t. I thought about it, (without saying anything to anyone for years) One day someone added me to Lina's Facebook group. I watched photos pop up that I thought were BEAUTIFUL. The girls looked so amazing and confident. But again I talked myself out of it. I had gained too much weight, there was no way I could look that good, or feel that good. Out of no where I decided to tell my boyfriend (now husband) I had this crazy goal of just doing a photoshoot. He was obviously on board and thought it would be awesome. He never pushed and waited until I was ready. In February I purchased a boudoir shoot and scheduled it for September. I was still so nervous every day until the shoot. The morning of I was almost in a panic attack and said nope I’m not going. That same supportive guy told me nope, get in the car you’ve wanted this for way too long.

Fast forward… sitting in the studio getting hair and make up done the ladies made me feel so comfortable and at ease.. Still a little nervous, I was about to have little to no clothes on in front of someone other than my significant other. A few photos into the shoot my nerves completely disappeared, I felt comfortable, confident, beautiful, and powerful! Looking back on my experience I truly wish I got the guts to do it sooner. I take my photo book out regularly and look at those photos. Especially now that am pregnant and my body is changing again just to remind myself that I’m a badass beautiful bitch!

If you have even the slightest thought about maybe take the leap and do it. You will not regret it!"

- Miss P

"It has been 5 months since my session and not a day goes by that I regret doing it. I was extremely nervous and self conscious when I booked and then went to have my photos taken. I have struggled with my body image for most of my life. All my fears and anxiety went right out the window once I sat down and began getting my hair and makeup done. By the time I had changed into my second outfit, I was on cloud 9 and in love with how comfortable I had become in my own skin. I wasn't afraid to look in the mirror. I could finally see myself and the beauty I possess inside and out. Whenever I start to feel myself listening to that self doubt, I pull up my photo session and remind myself that I'm one bad ass beautiful bombshell. My only regret would be not doing it sooner!"

- Miss A

"Talk about out of my comfort zone!! But it didnt last long until Lina brought me into a whole new one. The way I see myself every day is nothing like the way Lina saw me that day. Shes showed me that my "flaws" are not flaws. The while I may pick myself apart everyday....I am beautiful. Lina love and care for you while she's taking extremely intimate shots made it so much less weird. I was going to prepared to stay mostly covered for this shoot. Before I knew it I was basically wearing nothing but a thong. Lina made me feel comfortable, confident, empowered and beautiful. I went into this shoot thinking it was a gift for my husband. It didn't take long to realize it was for me. It was self care. I loved it so much that a best friend photo shoot was necessary not long after."

- Miss D


"Gonna jump on the bandwagon and tell y’all how incredible Lina and her HMUA Lauren are!

I bit the bullet and decided to do a beach boudoir! From the get go, Lina was amazing. She went through everything thoroughly and her communication was super quick. I fully took advantage of her pre-payment plan and it made this so much easier!

The day of I was so excited and even more nervous. My drive down to meet them was crazy. My brain was everywhere…then i walked in and was immediately put at ease. First off you can tell that Lauren and Lina are a great team, but more importantly they are so welcoming. Lauren is obviously a master of her craft because I looked (and felt) *gorgeous*.

Lina helped go through outfit choices and was super helpful in making sure i was confident and beautiful. We made our way to the beach, hiking through the woods which was a great way to chill out before we started.

It was the most empowering experience of my life not to mention my photos are to die for….literally. I am speechless and will cherish them forever.

Boudoir is HARD…sandy, swimming beach boudoir…a full on workout!

If you’re on the fence about booking a session with Lina, just do it. I’m not kidding. It is such an unbelievable experience."

- Miss G

"I turned 26 in March of 2021, and at the time, I had never done a professional session. 26 felt to me like a year of change and a year that would both bring a lot to light, and also allow a lot to fall away.

I had been fairly new to her Facebook group, and saw that Lina was doing a witchy boudoir photoshoot, and I just KNEW I had to take the leap outside of my comfort zone and pull the trigger on a shoot!

I was equally excited and terrified.

I knew that for me, even if it was scary, this was an opportunity for me to begin accepting myself exactly as I am, and honoring that part of my journey.

October of that year is when I did the shoot and MAN OH MAN! Not only was all of the stress and fear met with total acceptance, but the vulnerability became EMPOWERMENT!

I left the session that day feeling overwhelmed with self-love, gratitude, and a couple of new badass lady friends! (Plus some absolutely GORGEOUS pictures to boot. Wait… that’s ME?!)

FAST FORWARD to this past Sunday when I did my third shoot with Lina for a little birthday boudoir session, and this time around, despite going into it with some of those same feelings of insecurity, (as a lot of us often feel) I remembered what it was like that very first shoot and how none of those things actually mattered when it came down to who I am and how I feel about myself. Yet again, left feeling so empowered and so beautiful!

Both Lina and her HMUA Lauren made me feel SO comfortable, SO confident, and SO sexy in exactly the skin I am in.

If you needed a sign to book your own boudoir (or any) session with Lina, RUN DONT WALK!!!

It’s amazing what stepping outside of your comfort zone and outside of your head can do for you and your journey back to yourself

Already planning the next one!!"

- Miss V


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