Blog 02 

Travel - Las Vegas, Nevada (Nelson Ghost Town)


I LOVE to travel and explore new places and because of that, this photoshoot will always have such a special place in my heart. Adventure sessions are my jam. They really allow me a creative freedom that’s unmatched to any other session and I just have so much fun with it. It also lets me connect with other like-minded creatives I normally wouldn't have the chance to meet, like I did with Kelli on this shoot!


I was traveling out to Nevada for vacation and figured I would try reaching out to some models and set something up while I was in town. (I also had an awesome thrift shop session with Neave in Boulder City. You can check it out here). Another one of the models, Kelli, and I clicked right away. We came across Nelson Ghost Town while looking up unique locations and absolutely fell in love with it.

I spent the morning of the shoot packing up my gear and everything else I would need for the day. I headed out of my hotel room and hopped in my rental car. The rental car was something I had been going back and forth about in my head, but I'm sooo glad I went through with it. There are so many cool locations worth exploring that are like 30-45 minutes outside of Vegas and I wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise! Not to mention, the drive out to Nelson Ghost Town through the El Dorado Canyons was surreal. Such an incredible experience.

I got there a little early and spent a few minutes talking to the woman who runs the property. She warned me about jumping cactuses (I'm from MA, I had to look it up too - terrifying!!), scorpions and oh yeah, it was rattlesnake mating season of course. I have never been so cautious about my surroundings. Every time I bumped into a little rock or bush, I jumped a mile. SO thankful nothing happened!!

Kelli was just as sweet in person and was such a breeze to work with. We got along great and made a life-long friendship out of it (You know I'm hitting you up next time I'm in town girl!) She also brought her friend Peyton along and they both had a bunch of awesome feedback and ideas during the shoot. Can't wait to work with these talented ladies again!!