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Welcome to my online portfolio, my name's Lina! (Lynn-a) I'm an Aquarius who was adopted from Vilnius, Lithuania at a very young age and grew up just south of Cleveland, Ohio until I was around 9 years old. Then, my family moved to the South Shore of Massachusetts where I was raised and currently reside.


I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2015 with a major in Communications and a minor in Anthropology. (Fun Fact - I originally went in a History major!)  During my time at school, I was fortune enough to intern at a small film production company nearby which only affirmed my passion for film and photography. I tend to gravitate more towards portraits, couples and nature, but have shot a wide variety of sessions ranging from music videos to baby cake smashes!


On the weekends, when I'm not shooting, you can usually find me editing photos, going out with my boyfriend or friends, chowing down on some Chinese food (who doesn't love a good crab rangoon?) and probably binging something on netflix, hulu or disney +. 


One of my favorite parts of photography is getting people to see themselves in a new light and changing their self perspective. I also love getting to meet so many talented people in so many different industries and collaborating on projects!


If you can see us working together - don't hesitate to reach out!! Who knows what we could create together.


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